Car Buying Tips

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Car Buying Tips

Used Car Buying Tips Success

It is often difficult to find a decent used car. And when you finally find what you are looking for, to find financing for it is another chore. Some dealerships take advantage of the customer’s need for financing and make impossible financing terms and huge down payments. In this used car buying guide, we will discuss how you can avoid these hassles and find your used car buying success story. There are several used car buying tips that you have to keep in mind especially if your credit score is low or you have credit history problems. When buying a used car, there are several different factors to take into consideration that revolve around two things, the car quality and financing options.

Car Quality

Do not think that the dealership knows everything about the car they are selling. They often get their cars from a rental company that retires their cars or from an auction from random individuals selling their cars for whatever reason. The dealership will often assign their own mechanic to inspect the car and do fast fixes to get the car in drivable condition. If the mechanic is not good, he might not be able to inspect it right or might not be able to fix it right. And if the mechanic is a cheater, he will do “tricks of the trade” to get the car drivable by covering up the problems instead of fixing the costly problems. This is why you need to inspect the car and test drive it enough to avoid later costly surprises. Even ask if you can inspect under the hood or bring a mechanic with you to inspect the engine and transmission. A good mechanic can tell by looking at the car if it had a previous accident and if the car is worth the money. Good looking cars do not mean good mechanical components.

However, if you can prove that the overall condition is not what it seems, like a hard to see dent or a broken chair, you can use this as a negotiation pointer to get the price lowered.

You might not have to think of a mechanic if the used car dealer offers any warranty on the vehicle. Most used cars are sold AS-IS condition. This means that as long as you signed the paperwork, then the car is yours with all its problems, so make sure you like it before you sign the paperwork. If you have doubts, it is always safe to see if the dealership offers 30 day powertrain warranty. Most reliable dealers will not mind it as they honestly think their car is fine.

Getting a loan

With good credit, you can easily get financed. But with credit problems, you might feel hopeless. You shop around for cars only to be declined for a loan. It does not have to be this way. There are dealers who use programs easy accessible to everyone. Most common is the Buy here pay here dealerships. They are also called in house financing dealerships.

The online network has a large number of buy here pay here dealers to work with. Once you apply, your application will be filtered to best fit your financial situation. Some dealerships need certain income level, others need a certain money down, while others have incentives on monthly payments. car buying tips car buying guide

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