In House Car Financing Dealers

January 6,2014 Buy Here

If you are worried about your credit score stopping your approval for car loans, worry no more!! We help customers with credit problems get approved to drive quickly and easily. With a network of dealerships ready to help finance customers using in house financing . You can get approved fast and get driving the same day with special financing programs.

How Can In-House Car Loans Financing Dealerships Help?

Being rejected can feel awful. It can leave customers feeling incomplete. Sadly, this happens more often lately with the slow economy affecting many of us. Most lenders do not want to take the risk of loaning someone with bad credit problems. The lenders want to make money not lose money. However, when it is the dealership is the one directly financing you, they are willing to take higher risks as they can usually have direct relationship with the customer. That is why in-house financing dealerships have become more and more popular. These car dealerships for people with bad credit can finance anyone no matter how low their credit score is as long as they prove that they can somehow make the payments. The most common way is with a steady job with decent income. With proof of decent income and a steady residency, you can often get a used car with zero down. You might still have to pay for the taxes and registration fees upfront. But instead of choosing the car and then get financial approvals, it is the other way around. You get an approval for a loan amount and then you choose the car at one of the many dealerships within the network. This helps speed up the car sale as you do not waste time inspecting cars at dealers that can not finance you.

Some people with good credit also choose to use in house car financing to eliminate the third party bank that comes in between the customer and the dealership. This is because the third party bank often causes the price of the vehicle to increase as they take a portion of the money to themselves for financing the deal. So without the bank, the car price is kept low. In addition, some buy here pay here auto dealerships offer promotional deals and rebates to get customers to buy their vehicles.

To apply for inhouse financing loans, there is an online application that is easy and quick. Once you apply, a team of dealerships is screened for the best match for your financial situation and the best one contacts you with their locations and car choices and can set you up an appointment the same day. You can then test drive the car and inspect it well as most of these cars have AS-IS warranties. You then make the payments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly based on your financial situation. You can send in the payment in the mail or step into the dealership and make the payment there too.

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